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From the field to the table - our 360 ° approach

Eco Viva has been active as a service company for over 10 years in advising small and medium-sized enterprises in the food-producing industry.  Our special competence is that we develop concepts and strategies not only like a classic marketing agency, but also through our own sales structures and networks in German trade the implementation phase, e.g.  accompany with product launches.  Depending on the wishes of our customers, we offer individual consulting concepts, that can include classic marketing instruments but can and also focus on pure sales work.

Depending on where you stand with your company or product, Eco Viva will pick you up and take the next step with you.  You can choose from our four main areas of expertise:

From the field to the table - our 360 ° approach

Eco Viva GmbH

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Tel.: +49(0)40-180531-60

Fax : +49(0)40-180531-64

Director general: Jürgen Pilling

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